Chester Food And Drink Week

August was a very busy month for us, but we’re not complaining!

Along with getting our prints done, commission pieces and launching our new website, we have been working with WLGT, Chester Food and Drink Week and Printworks Chester to bring together a map of participating food and drink places in and around Chester. It’s a great idea to bring together the bars and restaurants, especially as the past 6 months have been uncertain ones for hospitality and people are slowly wanting to get out more, visit their favourite places to eat or drink and what a better way to do that than having everything in one place on a map!

Like any big project there’s got to be trial and error, you‘ve got to start somewhere and build up the idea from there. Initially we started with the idea to draw different illustrations for each venue as a fun nod to them however, as you can imagine that was a LOT of illustrations on one page and although they were amazing, it didn’t quite fit the bill. We then worked together with Printworks Chester to create a 'Herb Lester' style of map with illustrations to match and included some of our more detailed original illustrations we'd done earlier; to a couple of places, really bringing the whole thing together.

The front of the paper offers a QR code for everyone to be able to scan to see which bars and restaurants are taking part, plus the unique food/drink item they will be offering to celebrate Chester Food And Drink Week. Inside includes a copy of the map, a list of what number each place is and some cool little individual articles across the pages with the places taking part! Grab yourself a copy from the participating places- Find out more at and/or

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