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A couple of weeks ago we started a project with 'Shrub' to design and create several unique prints that could be used on uniforms and within the restaurant. Located at 1-3 Eastgate Row, in Chester, after many weeks of anticipation, have finally been able to open and launch their new restaurant. Whilst the original plan was to open a lot sooner, 'Covid' had other plans, they remained closed, offering a teaser menu for takeaway and continued to work on creating a safe space for everyone to enjoy upon opening.

With an all plant-based menu; including cocktails, the ideas behind the prints were that we wanted them to be able to stand out and be simple at the same time, as well as sticking to the concept. We've used different styles of line art and shading to exaggerate chiaroscuro; creating prints that have dimension and depth, as well as then adding colour texture to some of the designs.

It's been an amazing opportunity to work on this project with Shrub and was actually a really fun brief to have a play around with. Massive thank you to Tasha, Calum and Sammy for getting us involved, we absolutely love the food so can't wait to be back and we wish you all the success.

To find out more or even to book in at Shrub visit-

Here are some of the ones we've created so far:

Let us know what you think!

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