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Updated: Mar 15

We're Back!... to blogging anyway.

The past few months have been busy ones, with working, keeping on top of this little business and just general life stuff getting in the way, we decided to use the blog as a way to keep you all updated on any big projects we've been a part of rather than having to write something all the time. There's only the two of us and Ollie isn't really one to 'blog' so we thought it best to do posts whenever we have something exciting to talk about otherwise I'm just rambling on like this for no reason!

About a month or so ago another independent business, based in the Wirral and Liverpool, The Fermentation Station (TFS) contacted us looking for some merch designs to be produced to be used on a tote bag, t-shirt and a set of prints. Straight away we couldn't wait. As much as we love doing personal commissions and little prints for our page what they were after was a dream to Ollie. We discussed a brief that generally centred around the merch being different, stand out and not your usual way of advertising/branding; something you buy because you want to wear it. After our first zoom meeting we created a mood board, put down lots of ideas and got to work, at lot of these things are trial and error but once we got started suddenly we had 5 designs and everything was ready to go!

We have absolutely loved working with Amy and Sam on this project, The Fermentation Station concept is everything we love, they're sustainable, limit food waste where possible; their most recent spring krauts helped save leeks from being turned into mulch from a very kind farmer who wasn't able to collect them all in and they make mega ferments... their pickles are sell out! Plus they're dead sound.

About the merch-

The tote bags are fair-trade cotton, sustainably made and 470 gsm, perfect for carrying jars of pickles, bottles of Kefir and everything you need for that picnic in the park you'll be allowed to have with you mates very soon!

Our design idea came about when creating the first mood board, initially we looked at a 'location postcard' style design but on looking into this more Ollie decided that a way to include TFS with subtle branding in a cool and different way would be to create a motel style sign using a pickle, jar and a 'notice board' including a mixture of products they offer. We tried it in colour first then decided against it as we wanted it to be something anyone would buy and for it to be recognisable from a distance (this took a few times standing across the dining room staring at the monitor to get the balance right) but we got there in the end!

Big Dill Energy T-Shirt- unisex 100% organic ring-spun combed cotton with a class breast print and large back print.

Have you got that TFS NRG?

Now this design we love, it's fun, not serious at all and just such a vibe. Big Dill Energy- take it as you will, with some gangster knuckles on the front and a pretty self assured pickle on the back what more do you want from a tee?

Last but not least the set of three prints! These were all so much fun to create and all go together so well even though they're so different. Using a muted earthy/vintage colour pallet they include a very hot, hot sauce, the one and only 'Bean' in a pickle and Tepache the slightly intoxicated Mexican pineapple... because who doesn't like the sound of these being in their kitchen?! Or anywhere in your household you see fit!

All T-shirts and Totes supplied and printed by Merch Locker Print Shop, another small (but mighty) business located in Wrexham, they're environmentally conscious, sustainable and a massive help when I was asking a billion questions regarding everything.

Check out each design below and let us know what you think!

We're very proud and couldn't be more pleased with how the designs have turned out so if you want to grab yourself one or several of these items head over to

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