Want a commission piece creating? We've now added this as an option to order on our site as a way to keep things easier for everyone! Please allow 10 days for your commission piece to be created (we're both working full time along side our little business however, obviously we'll try to get it finished quicker when possible)

If you also need something a little sooner just drop us an email or message on instagram (@livingvicariouslyart) and we'll see if we can sqeeze this in sooner!

Once all the options below you would like to add have been selected please email over your image to livingvicariouslyart@gmail.com and if you have any questions just send us a message! 

We've worked out the pricing the fairest way possible as it's quite hard to do "one price for all" when every image is different. So we've worked out the cost by how long it takes on average and how complex the image is- They'll be buttons to add features or keep it basic!

All commissions will include eyebrows/facial hair as it helps to shape the face - any other facial features can be added using the options below.

Any animals will be counted as "people" when selecting how many are in your image.

Images with any more than five people please email us or contact us on instagram for a quote (Please note: larger commission pieces will take longer - 15 days)


If you'd like to see our previous commission you'll be able to find them on the instagram section on the home page or on our actual instagram page!

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